Niki Taylor was that vibrant supermodel of the 90s, with her brilliant white smile and the kind of All American beauty able to appeal to everyone from Covergirl to Versace. A ubiquitous presence in 1990s fashion and popular culture, the multiple Vogue, Elle and Allure cover star faced an unimaginable loss when her younger sister Krissy, also a model, died suddenly in 1995. What followed for Niki was a gradual withdrawal from the fashion industry as she grappled with personal tragedy as well as a complicated pregnancy, motherhood, addiction, and a bitter divorce — all by the age of 20. Now 41, and the mother of four children, Niki is back and better than ever, ready to pick up where she left off — but with the added wisdom and insight that only age can bring. Welcome back, Niki Taylor!

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