Claudia Schiffer for Vogue Germany, April 2014

Claudia Schiffer in black and white in the last cover story of Vogue Germany April 2014. Shot by Daniele + Lango & Luigi.

From Vogue Germany:
There are many positive attributes that you can hear or read about Claudia Schiffer before the first meeting. She is absolutely polite, always on time, attentive. Very professional. Eben very German. All the more surprising to know their second page. Because Claudia Schiffer is also cheerful, warm-hearted and facing. And she laughs very much. Loud and hearty.

True luxury is for me that I always can organize day. I feel that as a great privilege

Claudia Schiffer, Vogue Germany April 2014





Claudia Schiffer’s portfolio at d’management group


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